Clotilde for Dolci Trame

Un inverno Mod(‘)ABILE
di carte e modelli di modi e di mondi di linee e punti di chi segue le regole e a tratti le capovolge

The ungraspability of movement, its being synonymous with continuous and unstoppable change and its being the cause of the continuous transformation of the categories of time… (From ‘Reflections on movement’). These words tell the story of our choice to continue in a different direction from that dictated by the fashion system, which is becoming increasingly self-referential and increasingly distant from our thinking. We made the choice a few years ago to follow a path that belongs to us more, without following patterns and above all eliminating the idea that clothes have an expiry date. Clothes designed and made to be maintained without regard to trends, because they are made with awareness and worn with the body, but also with the emotions. After all, beauty has no expiry date: especially that of clothes which, along with their own story, also tell the identity of those who choose them. This is our winter mod(‘)abile result of a lived experience, of a return to the origins, to a skilful and concrete fashion.
This has always been our form of expression, with the added need to return to the essence of things, to clothing conceived as a garment to be lived in, to be given life because behind that fabric and that fabric there are moments, contaminations, thoughts and emotions.
For Dolci Trame, we decided to select a few garments from the mod(‘)able winter season and we created exclusive limited edition one-off pieces, partly by working directly on the fabric and partly by recovering archive garments and deconstructing them to give them new life.
A small collection of 10 timeless garments born from the need to use our craftsmen’s hands to give life to ideas of fabric to wear.